25th - 26th January 2017, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

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The exhibition hall is divided into sectors with fixed area, each sector has a unique number. You can unify sectors to a bigger area, but you can not divide it to a smaller. At first, you can on-line book an exhibition site, consecutively you can send the Application form. Please look at free sites overview below. We will book the exhibition site for you to the date you fill up into the form. All reservations will be terminated on 17th December 2015. Signed application form has to be delivered before this date to confirm the reservation.
You can book only sectors with green colour in the free site overview. If you would like a bigger site than one sector please fill in the numbers of all sectors to the booking form. If you book all sectors in the square, you also have to pay the area inside the square (9 m2) otherwise designated for common hinterland for all exhibitors in the square.



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Please download and fill in the application form. You can send the completed form by e-mail to: info@gaudeamus.cz

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All prices of exhibition booths, furniture and other services are stated below. The prices are valid for application forms delivered before the 16th December 2016. If you require any service that is not stated in the price list, please contact us at: info@gaudeamus.cz,we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

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All exhibitors and their booth numbers are included in the list below. A ground plan of both exhibition halls can be used to locate a suitable booth location. All information regarding exhibitors placement and booth locations are updated regullary.

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Accompanying lectures are an important part of the Fair. The lectures are beeing held in two lecture theatres directly in the exhibition hall G2. Lectures are given by representatives of exhibiting schools and are an important source of information about study opportunities and conditions of admission at individual schools. There is a prize draw at the end of every lecture. Detailed lecures schedule can be found below.

For booking of lecture times, please contact us at info@gaudeamus.cz.

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The following list contains exhibitors allready registered for the Fair. The list is regullary updated when new exhibitors register.

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In this section, important dates of Fair preparation and exhibitor's instuctions are placed. Information about the upcoming Fair are available no soooner than teo months before the Fair.

Important dates: