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The Gaudeamus® fairs are the best known education and study abroad show series in central Europe. More than 40 000 visitors from Czech Republic and Slovakia come to see the Exhibitions every year. Participation at The Gaudeamus® fairs is a best way to address students from the Czech and Slovak region!


A series of Gaudeamus fairs will be held in 2017/2018:

5th year of Gaudeamus Nitra, Slovak Republic 2017:

24th year of Gaudeamus Brno, Czech Republic 2017:

11th year of Gaudeamus Prague, Czech Republic 2018:

  • Gaudeamus® 2017 is the annual Central European Education and Study Abroad Exhibition where Czech and other international institutions offer the most of study opportunities for students from central Europe.
  • Gaudeamus® 2017 is a unique way to provide direct personal contact between students and exhibitors in a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere.
  • Gaudeamus® 2017 focuses mainly on providing useful information to individual visitors and discussing study opportunities with them.
  • Gaudeamus® 2017 offers interesting accompanying programs: Exhibitor's presentations, Science for life and Tailor-Made Study Abroad.

  • Domestic: Representation of the Czech tertiary education, including Czech universities, colleges, language schools, higher schools and other educational institutions, ministries and youth information services.
  • Study Abroad: Universities, colleges, educational institutions, language schools and other higher schools from all over the world aiming to promote their education programs and recruit Czech and Slovak students.
  • Lifelong Learning: Offers a wide range of business, technology, language, computer and communication studies, all kinds of daily or evening studies, MBA programs and many more.

Visitor's profile:
  • Senior year high school students with quality background in humanities, science, languages and computers. With strong desire and ability to pursue their further studies abroad in an international environment.
  • Bachelor and master graduates from all fields, with high quality degrees from prestigious Czech universities, looking for further study opportunities and international experience.
  • Lifelong learning applicants, university graduates and working experts looking for post-graduate, MBA and other education possibilities.
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Telephone: +420 545 176 136 (week days, daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Contact persons: Dana Jakubjanska, Pavel Mikula
E-mail: info@gaudeamus.cz
Address: MP-Soft®, a.s., Prikop 4, 604 16 Brno, Czech Republic, Europe.